Vitamins Ought to be Eliminated, Health Experts Say

“The message is simple: Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided,” four physicians and public health experts wrote in an editorial accompanying the studies.

Researchers from the University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston led by Francine Grodstein, a professor of medicine at Harvard, found that multivitamins had no effect on cardiovascular health and cognitive function and worst, as written in the editorial accompanying the studies, contents of the supplement like vitamin E, beta-carotene, and possibly increased doses of vitamin A increased the risk of death in some other trials.

The first study attempted to determine if multivitamins can help improve the cognitive function of those taking it. The researchers recruited 5,947 male participants aged 65 years and older. Some participants were asked to take a multivitamin pill everyday — Pfizer Inc. Centrum Silver – while some were given placebo.

They were given cognitive assessments before the start of the study and underwent three more during the 12-year study period. Related articles:

Meanwhile, the vitamin-industry groups criticized the editorial notes saying that a study conducted in 2012 involving 15,000 men showed that there was a reduction on cancer risk.

The second study led by Gervasio Lamas, a Columbia University cardiologist, recruited 1,708 patient aged 50 and up who had suffered a heart attack at least six weeks earlier. Some of participants were given a higher-dose of multivitamins and some were given placebo. The results were also disappointing as it didn’t help lessen the risk of suffering from another heart attack or stroke or the risk of dying.

Researchers of the last study told the Wall Street Journalthat the result was fairly undermined by patients withdrawing from the trial or failing to take their vitamins or placebos.

Dr. Lamas and others clarified that some vitamins and minerals have been proven beneficial in targeted populations. Folic acid, for instance, is widely recommended to pregnant women to prevent birth defects of the brain or spine.

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Multivitamins also have shown benefit in malnourished populations in Africa and Asia, public health experts said.

Both studies were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


Sizing up today’s Breeders’ Cup races

1. Untapable 2. Sweet Reason 3. Concave

Untapable was relentless when she won that stake at Churchill Downs and has been perfectly prepared for this race. Sweet Reason was about 5 lengths from the best when second in the Frizette after a brutal ride from Alex Solis.

1. Dank 2. Kitten’s Dumplings 3. Laughing

Dank was a good horse in Europe, an explosive horse at Arlington Park in August when she got Lasix for the first time. If she repeats that performance, this won’t be close. I don’t think this is going to be close. Kitten’s Dumplings runs great for Joel Rosario. Laughing is dangerous again because she is lone speed again.

1. Dance to Bristol 2. Teddy’s Promise 3. Starship Truffles

Dance to Bristol is 7 of 9 with two seconds this year. She appears to have the perfect close-to-the-pace style. Defending champ Groupie Doll is about 6 lengths off her brilliant 2012 form.

1. Reneesgotzip 2. Mizdirection 3. Unbridled’s Note

Better go deep in this race that starts the Pick 6. So many possibilities but not much early speed, which is why I fell on the incredibly fast filly Reneesgotzip. Defending champ Mizdirection has never lost on Santa Anita’s unique downhill grass course with all its twists and turns. Unbridled’s Note clearly has been trained for this race all year. Expect his very best.

1. Havana 2. Tap It Rich 3. Mexicoma

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Havana reminds me a bit of Uncle Mo, who dominated this race in 2010. And he may have a huge tactical edge as there is little other early speed. Tap It Rich’s only race was visually off the charts. Mexicoma ran out of the TV set when breaking his maiden at Delaware Park and was promptly bought by the same people who gave us 2011 Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom.

1. Little Mike 2. The Fugue 3. Magician

Defending champ Little Mike does one thing really well - win. It took all year for him to recapture his 2012 form, but he has found it just in time. That there is very little other speed definitely helps, but this is some field. Related businesses:

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The filly will be very difficult to beat.

1. Gentlemen’s Bet 2. Justin Phillip 3. Private Zone

There is so much early speed that you really have to look for a closer. Gentlemen’s Bet is normally a speed horse, but it will help his chances when he gets outrun early. Video study shows he is a fighter in the stretch. He will be a very attractive price. Justin Phillip has the perfect style for this race, but the 1 post is very tricky for a closer.

Private Zone is probably the best horse, but may have the wrong style as a front-runner in a race with all this speed.

1. Wise Dan 2. Za Approval 3. Olympic Glory

I love Wise Dan. Let me repeat. I love Wise Dan. Yes, his winning streak finally ended, but he still ran great on the polytrack. He is 9-for-10 at this distance on this surface. I think he will be sitting third or fourth right off a hot, contested pace and win this race again. This is my single.

1. Game On Dude. 2. Flat Out. 3. Will Take Charge

I have come 180 degrees on Game On Dude. I was thinking there would be too much early heat, but there really is not. He is not a stand-alone, but he is the most likely winner despite that disaster in this spot last year, his only loss in eight tries at Santa Anita. He has never lost with Mike Smith. If Game On Dude wins, he is Horse of the Year and a lock for the Hall of Fame. If he loses, it will be easy to say he has run fast beating a bunch of second-rate horses. Defending champ Fort Larned can win if he clears the field. Most of the rest look similar to me, really good horses that are certainly capable. Great race and a perfect ending on NBC in prime time (8:35 p.m.).